Textual Analysis for Boomerang(1992)

Boomerang is one of the first movies of it’s kind, which involved a main black cast not depicted in a bad nature. The star of the movie is Eddie Murphy who was a blockbuster star during this time period. The Main Character Marcus Graham who is a advertising executive. He is also a notorious womanizer, who finds himself chasing and seducing women and even lying sometimes to get what he wants. He is unwilling to commit unless he meets the “perfect woman”. His friends Tyler and Gerard attempt to tell him his standards are too high, for example judging women all the way down to their toes.

Marcus’s company is acquired by cosmetics mogul Lady Eloise, who invites him to her home with hearing of his reputation and having her own intentions. He spent the night with her, believing he would receive a promotion. Just to find out the very next day she holds no actual weight within the company just is the continuous face. The next day, he meets Jacqueline Boyer, who has been made head of his department instead of him. At a party to celebrate the company merger, fashion diva Strangé is announced as the new face of the company. Jacqueline introduces Marcus to colleague Angela Lewis, whom he sets up with his friend Gerard, who earlier was giving him love advice. Although they get along fine, Angela and Gerard learn that they’re better of as friends, and anything else would just be weird.

Despite his best efforts, Marcus is unable to seduce Jacqueline. He is giving all his “Mack daddy vibes” but realizes she is a female version of him. Over dinner at his apartment, she ignores all his advances at her and is more interested in Michael Jordan and his bull’s basketball game on TV, leaving him confused and frustrated. On a business trip to New Orleans, Jacqueline and Marcus unexpectedly have sex after she invites Marcus into her room. Afterward, he is relieved to find her feet up are up to his standards. 

Marcus begins to fall for Jacqueline, but finds himself on the other end of his antics. She ignores his feelings, manipulates him with sex, and keeps their relationship strictly beneficial as she is in control. Discovering she has bragged about their bedroom exchanges to Strangé, whose attempts to recreate with Marcus. He rejects her, Marcus confronts Jacqueline, and she ends their sexual relationship. Marcus finds himself the subject of office gossip as Jacqueline has informed everyone of their exchanges and his work begins to suffer. After a major business proposal is almost ruined, Jacqueline forces Marcus to take a few paid weeks off as an alternative to being fired. He has been blinded by his past with Jacqueline. 

He spends time with Angela, who tries to bring him out of his funk, as she saw firsthand both sides of the story. After hosting Thanksgiving dinner with Tyler, Gerard, and Gerard’s parents. Marcus and Angela sleep together. Gerard is furious, after Marcus informs him of what happened believing Marcus will mistreat Angela like his past relationships. Marcus and Angela move in together, but she is hurt when he downplays their relationship in a phone call with Jacqueline. Marcus, after having regained his confidence, proves to be his old self to Jacqueline, and they sleep together again. He returns home to Angela in the middle of the night, and when she confronts him in the morning he explains that he is confused by his feelings. For her and for Jacqueline, he doesn’t know what he wants. Angela breaks up with him and takes a promotion at another company. Marcus rebounds with Jacqueline, but comes to the realization of his love for Angela. After informing Jacqueline of his revelation he returns home to find she has moved out. Marcus talks with Gerard, and visits Angela at her new job, convincing her that he is truly committed to her, and they get back together. Happily Ever After. 

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